Cash Recycler Cleaning kits for Cashpro, ARCA and KEBA Kendo



TCR Cash Dispenser

Teller cash recyclers are very different in their functions and technology. Some are used for note pay-out, others for note pay-in and pay-out and yet others can recycle the paid-in notes to provide them for pay-out anew. Because this equipment is invaluable in its functions, we have developed exclusive and proprietary cleaning products to insure their continued operation. These products were produced with input from the manufacturers and have received approval for their use.


Cleaning kit for Cashpro CM18 of CTS/ARCA and KEBA Kendo, Currenty Fitness Sorter Seetech ST-150F


5 pre-moistened cleaning cards for cleaning of transport rolls and belts
1 cleaning swab for cleaning pad
12 changeable cleaning pads
25 ml cleaning fluid for sensor cleaning

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 2 in

For quantities over 25 boxes, please contact our sales staff by phone at 805-379-4022 or email us for a quote.

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