Chip, EMV, POS terminal cleaning card


Castle Six provides cleaning solutions for a variety of industries. Banks, Hospitality, Transportation, Restaurants and many others.

Technical cleaning products: Cleaning cards, lint free saturated wipes, foam swabs are used extensively in a variety of industries and are a key component in preventative maintenance. These products will clean and keep your devices operating like new. Chip EMV, credit card terminal, Ticket Readers, Check Scanners, Check Readers, ATM, POS terminals, Currency Counters, Bill Validators, Thermal Printers, ID Card printers and other automated data collection equipment. All equipment that is used every day will accumulate heavy dust, grime, oil caused by our skin and who knows what else. Failures and errors are linked to poor maintenance, as contaminants damage reader and printer heads. Our products are the preferred method to clean the internal mechanisms of these devices.

There are options to high cost part replacement. Our cleaning cards and other technical cleaning products provide the simplest solution to maintaining your equipment in tip top condition.

All of our products are EASY – EFFECTIVE – SAFE.

General Cleaning: Now that we are aware of Covid-19 all of your equipment terminal keypads, monitors and other parts should be disinfected with our lint free alcohol wipes. 

Save Time. Save Money. Get results. We are specialists in the design, development and sale of products to clean and maintain concealed equipment components.

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