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Thermal printer cleaning card
Thermal printer cleaning card

Thermal printers need to be maintained for printing performance

Our thermal printer cleaning cards, pens, wipes and swabs are used extensively for preventative maintenance for thermal printers.These printers  print product labels, receipts, shipping labels and bar codes. Print heads need to be cleaned every time you change your ribbon or labels. After several hours of use  the print medium can begin to accumulate dirt and debri on the print head, degrading the print quality and leaving black flecks on the printed surface. Each thermal printer cleaning card is conveniently pre saturated and sealed in a foil pouch to ensure a clean card and the proper amount of solution for each cleaning to effectively remove dust, dirt, grease, light oils, oxides and mineral residue.

Thermal printer cleaning cards are supported and laminated with a lint free non-abrasive material that will not shed or leave behind fibers. Our cards are designed to clean the latest equipment and are unconditionally guaranteed. Thermal Printer Cleaning Card will keep expensive  maintenance visits limited to a minimum.

Features and Benefits:

On what equipment will these cards work?

  • Direct Thermal Printers
  • Bar Code Printers
  • ATB Ticket Printers
  • Label Printers
  • Receipt Printers

Why You Should Use Cleaning Cards?

  • Minimal expense and labor to decrease the number of service calls.
  • The cleaning process takes 15 seconds or less.
  • Mistake proof – the card will clean both sides.

Benefits You Will See

  • Saves Money: Reduce your service calls. Reduce your costs.
  • Saves Time: No downtime waiting for repairs.
  • Results: Customer satisfaction – prevents errors when scanning
  • bar codes or when information is entered manually.

These products reduce premature equipment replacement!


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