Check Scanner Cleaning Card

check reader - scanner cleaning cards

Check scanners optics lenses accumulate dirt,oil,dust from everyday usage that will cause the scanner not to read properly. Check scanner / micr check reader cleaning cards remove the contaminants that cause malfunctions.  Our check reader/ scanner cleaning card with micro fiber material increases traction and will clean the check reader scanners optics of built up dirt and ink within the check reader, scanner previously unreachable. In addition the check reader, scanner cleaning card  will also clean the transport roller mechanisms that allow the check to pass through the scanner. This card, when used as a consistent maintenance product, will keep your Check Scanner/Check reader more reliable than ever to work properly as designed.

To clean the optic sensors and lens plates, insert Check Scanner cleaning card into hopper as you would a standard check, then choose scan cycle and allow card to pass through the scanner. Reuse the card by flipping card top to bottom and repeating the process several more times. To clean the drive rollers, choose scan cycle while holding onto the trailing end of the card.  Check our product catalogue for the scanner your trying to clean.

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