CR-80 Card Reader Cleaning Card

Cleaning cards for all chip and swipe card readers.

card reader terminals


CR80 Technical cleaning card products presaturated and dry are used for preventative maintenance. Cleaning cards can be swiped or inserted into, Hotel door locks, Magnetic and Chip Reader terminals, ATM’s, Debit/Credit,Check Scanner,Check Readers just to name a few. After several hours of use the reader head can begin to accumulate heavy dirt caused by pollution, oxides, oil and exposure to the elements. This will result in equipment failure and errors caused by dirty reader heads. Poor maintenance attributed to over 80% of equipment failures. Failure to clean frequently can cause loss sales, device downtime and customer frustration.  Our technically advanced cleaning cards are specifically designed to allow preventative maintenance without dismantling equipment

Advantages to using Cleaning Cards

  • Minimal expense for each cleaning
  • The cleaning process takes no special training
  • Customer convenience

Benefits when you use cleaning cards

  •  Reduce your service calls. Reduce your costs.
  •  No downtime waiting for repairs.
  •  Customer satisfaction – prevents errors when scanning bar codes or when information is entered manually.

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